Tires & Alignments

tires and alignmentsThe tires on your vehicle are the only part that actually touches the road, and as such, they need to be kept in great shape at all times. Tires with overly worn tread, damage, or misaligned or unbalanced tires and wheels can spell not just expense but disaster on the roads. So if you need new tires, tire services, or a wheel alignment in Gadsden, AL, skip the big box and discount stores and bring your vehicle to the experts at A1 Automotive.

New Tires Gadsden AL

New tires are an investment in your vehicle, and they can significantly affect how your car drives, responds and feels. When selecting new tires, it is important to consider factors such as the terrain you will be driving on, the temperature range the tires need to accommodate, and whether you want a focus on performance or long life. Depending on your choice, new tires can help provide better traction while cornering, louder or quieter rides, and even fuel efficiency. With new tires, you can truly make your car new again – no matter what age it is. And at A1 Automotive, we are experts in matching you with the best new tires for your vehicle.

Tire Services Gadsden AL

Tire services involve tire maintenance, tire repairs, and tire replacements. Regular tire maintenance includes tire rotation, tire balancing, and tire alignment services which help ensure your car has a smooth ride and great handling performance. Tire repair can involve patching punctured tires or buffing off damage caused by rocks and other hard objects on the road. If a tire is beyond repair, tire replacement is the best option to get you safely back on the road again. Trust the pros at A1 Automotive when looking for tire services to make sure that your vehicle’s tires are taken care of in the most efficient way possible.

Wheel Alignment Gadsden AL

Regarding wheel alignment, your tires should be in contact with the ground at a 90° angle. This is essential for creating an even distribution of pressure that gives you controllable steering and prevents irregular tread wear. Failure to properly align your wheel may cause loss of tread life or, worse, steering wheel vibrations that can be outright dangerous. You might need wheel alignment when you start to notice uneven tire wear or if the car pulls in one direction or another when driving straight ahead. It’s also important to check wheel alignment after any type of collision or hard impact, as this may have thrown off the wheel balance. Fortunately, if you need a wheel alignment in Gadsden, AL, A1 Automotive has you covered!

Tires & Alignments Near Me

If you need new tires, tire services, or a wheel alignment in Gadsden, AL, the only place to go is the bays at A1 Automotive. Our experienced team will outfit your vehicle with the best tires for the job, help repair or align and balance your existing tires, and have you rolling again before you know it. Make an appointment or come by the shop, and we’ll show you what makes us the best choice for tires in Gadsden, AL!

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